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WINE - Wireless Intelligent NEtwork

Main WINE fields of application are Wireless Sensor Networks.

Read about WINE features and capabilities.

HardWaves - WINEcosystem

HardWaves is a Hardware & Software mix built around some board available from C-Labs.

The software side: How to build a HardWaves system.

HardWaves - Quick Start Guide

The hardware side: Quick Start Guide.

User Interface

WINE, on existing hardware, has a simple User Interface that provides interaction and diagnostic information.

Protocols and Data

WINE, independently from the target implementation, presents the data and information in the form of 16-bit registers.

The Data Registers page drives to Common Registers (shared on any WINE implementation) or HardWaves One Registers (hardware specific) pages.

Firmware Update

Firmware Update of HardWaves One and Surfer boards is possible via TI BSL.

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