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Wireless Sensors Network Technology
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WINE (Wireless Intelligent NEtwork) is a technology, developed and patended by C-Labs, that uses time and frequency domains synchronization to reduce power requirements in low bit-rate SRD (Short-range Radio Devices) when two-way communication capabilities, low-cost and low-power are a must, like in Ultra-Low-Power WSAN (Wireless Sensor & Actuator Networks).

Internet of Things (IoT) is just a way to think about WSAN, and WINE can run on the Net.

WINE provides several features, like:
- Multi-Hop Clustered Mesh network topology
- Automatic best-path search
- Network-Wide common time reference
- FHSS modulation\r\n- Encryption
- TX Power trimming
...and many other nice features.
Brief History
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C-Labs starts its operation in Electronic Design and Consulting Services for Security Systems early in 2002.

Core competences: micro-controllers HW/SW development, Unix/Linux software and system development.

During 2004, C-Labs becomes TI''s 3rd Party for MSP430 and Low Power Wireless product lines.

C-Labs starts the development of WINE Technology at the beginning of 2005.

At the end of 2007 WINE 1.5, star topology only, is completely tested and debugged.

On May 2008, USA, NZ, AUS and IL patents are grant, while at the end of the year, WINE 1.9, with some clustered mesh capabilities, is under test.

On July 2009 the first License Agreement with Capetti S.r.l. (WEOLO product line) is signed.

The patents in Canada and Europe are grant in October 2009.

C-Labs raises competences in ARM/Linux HW design, thanks to collaborations with several companies.

Starting from 2010 some research projects give WINE the possibility to improve performances and capabilities, with the (unreleased) WINE 2.0.
WINE 2.1 has been released in 2014.

In 2015 WINE 3.0 version has been actively developed, reducing power consumption (about 50%) and implementing many important features.
Version 3.0.6 has been released on June 27, 2016 as first "production ready" version.
Wireless Sensors Network Solution
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This is the home of HardWaves project.

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HardWaves project provides:
- ONE, a WINE General Purpose WINE board, and
- Surfer, a USB WINE Base-Station.

Both are fully ETSI compliant.

One (Now Rev. C) features:
- 4 Analog/Digital Inputs (LVTTL levels)
- 4 Open Collector Outputs (max 36 [V], 1 [A])
- 1-Wire BUS
- Temperature and Humidity sensor
- External EEPROM
- Feature Connector
- 2 AA batteries or external supply (max 36[V])

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Surfer is a USB Dongle, designed to operate on any PC or Raspberry PI, BeagleBone, Arduino, and, in general, on any USB-ready device.

Software drivers sources and protocol specifications are open.