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Wireless Sensors Network Technology
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WINE (Wireless Intelligent NEtwork) is a technology, developed and patended by C-Labs, that uses time and frequency domains synchronization to reduce power requirements in low bit-rate SRD (Short-range Radio Devices) when two-way communication capabilities, low-cost and low-power are a must, like in Ultra-Low-Power WSAN (Wireless Sensor & Actuator Networks).

Internet of Things (IoT) is just a way to think about WSAN, and WINE can run on the Net.

WINE provides several features, like:
- Multi-Hop Clustered Mesh network topology
- Automatic best-path search
- Network-Wide common time reference
- FHSS modulation\r\n- Encryption
- TX Power trimming
...and many other nice features.
Brief History
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2002: C-Labs starts its operation in Electronic Design and Consulting Services for Security Systems.Core competences: micro-controllers HW/SW development, Unix/Linux software and system development.
2004: C-Labs becomes TI''s 3rd Party for MSP430 and Low Power Wireless product lines.
2005: C-Labs starts the development of WINE Technology at the beginning of 2005.
2007: 2007 WINE 1.5, star topology only, is completely tested and debugged.
2008: USA, NZ, AUS and IL patents are grant, while WINE 1.9, with some clustered mesh capabilities, is under test.
2009: CA and EU patents are grant.First License Agreement with Capetti S.r.l. (WEOLO product line) is signed. C-Labs raises competences in ARM/Linux HW design, thanks to collaborations with several companies.
2010: some research projects give WINE the possibility to improve performances and capabilities, with the (unreleased) WINE 2.0.
2014: WINE 2.1 has been released in 2014.
2015: WINE 3.0 version has been actively developed, reducing power consumption (about 50%) and implementing many important features.
2016: Version 3.0.6 (June) is the first "production ready" version.
2017: start of the migration to ST platform (STM32 & S2-LP). WINE version 4.0 runs on ST STEVAL-FKI868V1.
LASMON Project
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C-Labs takes part in the LASMON (LAndslide Smart MOnitoring Network) project together with Capetti, Gdtest and IRPI-CNR.

Wireless Sensors Network Solution
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This is the home of HardWaves project.

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HardWaves project provides:
- ONE, a WINE General Purpose WINE board, and
- Surfer, a USB WINE Base-Station.

Both are fully ETSI compliant.

One (Now Rev. C) features:
- 4 Analog/Digital Inputs (LVTTL levels)
- 4 Open Collector Outputs (max 36 [V], 1 [A])
- 1-Wire BUS
- Temperature and Humidity sensor
- External EEPROM
- Feature Connector
- 2 AA batteries or external supply (max 36[V])

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Surfer is a USB Dongle, designed to operate on any PC or Raspberry PI, BeagleBone, Arduino, and, in general, on any USB-ready device.

Software drivers sources and protocol specifications are open.